Summer Road Trip Recap

Well, it looks like my dream of the warm fall temperatures continuing well into November (and let’s be real, ideally all winter) is officially crushed. I came to this realization as I begrudgingly hauled my winter coat out from its hiding spot yesterday…tear. So instead of attempting to increase the temperature using sheer will power and determination, I decided to reminisce about the nice weather by writing about our summer road trip.

Who doesn’t love a good road trip?? Last year, we (and of course I’m referring to me, Eric, and Mike) drove around Iceland’s Ring Road in a camper van. This year we zipped around a few Great Lakes in the Pilot, camped, and caught some ball games along the way!

Batchawana Bay Photoshoot Day 1

What spurred this journey? The Jays were playing the Cubs at Wrigley Field, which could have been a highly anticipated series in the thick of the playoff race. If you follow baseball, you’re probably aware that the Jays were not quiiiite as hot this year as the previous few seasons. But still, Wrigley is an awesome ballpark and Chicago is an awesome city so it was still well worth the (awesome) trip.

We could have just driven or flown straight to Chicago, but where’s the fun in that?? Instead, we opted for the (very) long way around through Lake Superior Provincial Park, Thunder Bay, along the shores of Lakes Superior and Michigan… and ended with Eric driving in a straight shot from Chicago to Sudbury. And if you’re thinking “Oh, you guys must have gotten a pretty early start to do that drive”,  you would be incorrect. We left Chicago at 4:30 PM.

It was a bit of a whirlwind, but it’s always fun to check out new places. And that drive along Lake Superior was breathtaking. If you haven’t done it, you should definitely go. The cities we visited were also pretty cool. DSC00163

Lake Superior coastlines

We spent the first three nights camping; Eric and I in the Pilot and Mike in a tent. We stayed at Rabbit Blanket campground in Lake Superior Provincial Park, Rainbow Falls Provincial Park, and Gooseberry Falls State Park in Minnesota. Other than Eric aggressively breaking our camping stove night one in combination with our firewood being wet (I was obviously super happy about this), things went pretty smoothly. It was warmer than Iceland (surprise), plus Eric had a sleeping bag this time instead of just a teeny Ikea microfleece blankie.


Practicing in case we get called up to the big leagues
Stone skipping champ at Rainbow Falls
Suspension bridge at Ouimet Canyon near Thunder Bay
Iona’s Beach near Gooseberry Falls
Sudbury/Minnesota fashion

Our first baseball stop was Minneapolis to see the Twins take on the Indians at Target Field. The Twins lost pretty badly, but we did get to see “Big Sexy” pitch (best nickname?) and the Edwing made an appearance. I also had delicious salted caramel + cookie dough ice cream so it was an overall win.

Target Field

Minneapolis Highlights

  • Sculpture Garden
  • Bridges (so many bridges)
  • Mill Ruins Park
  • Brit’s Pub (lawn bowling green + free outdoor movie night!)
Sculpture Garden
View from Mill Ruins Park

We had to leave right after the 7PM Twins game since the next game on our schedule (Brewers vs. Pirates) was in Milwaukee at 2PM the next day. We stopped in Eau Claire for the night. The only reason to stop here is to sleep and then leave immediately, which is exactly what we did. This was by far the worst (and cheapest for good reason) accommodation but it suited our purposes fine. There was a pool…but it was filled with mattresses. Anyway, moving onto Milwaukee…

I really liked Milwaukee! Like Minneapolis, it had a mix of older and renovated warehouse-type buildings along the river and an industrial vibe to it. There are tons of pubs and breweries here and Miller Park was a really neat stadium with lots of parking lot space for tailgating. And the frozen custard….so freaking good. And deep-fried cheese curds…probably not something to eat regularly but also delicious.


View from the field when the roof closed

The Brewers game was a lot closer and they won, which is always exciting. After the game, we took an “Afternoon Stroll” on the field as the roof closed. Cool. The stadium food here pretty good too…I got some deep fried curds and I think the guys got sausage or some other meat-based item. If you like cheese, beer, and sausage (sorry…”brats”) then Milwaukee is the place for you.

Milwaukee Highlights

  • Miller Park
  • Swing Park
  • Bronze Fonz (creepy)
  • Lakefront Brewery (free cake!)
  • Frozen custard
  • Frozen custard
  • Frozen custard (not a typo, it’s just that good)
  • Eric’s two-plate breakfast
  • Waterfront – Veteran’s Park


Breakfast of champions

Chicago was our last stop and we planned on spending a few days here since we love it so much. And it didn’t disappoint! We stayed in a different area (near the Water Tower and John Hancock Center) than we have during previous visits, and there was great access to Magnificent Mile shopping and the waterfront trail from here. It was a busy weekend in the city with the Air Show and Jays in town.

One thing we learned was to double check the time of the game. We thought we had lots of time but the game was actually at 1:00…not 2:00. Thanks a lot time zones. Also check which gate you have to go through…oops. We had bleacher seats, which were a ton of fun plus we got tank tops for Budweiser Bleacher Fridays at the gate. One size technically can fit all… it just so happens that mine is a dress and Eric’s is a bit more “fitted”.


Jose Jose Jose Joseeeeee

Chicago Highlights

  • Joe’s (we go to this restaurant every time we visit and it is THE best)
  • Wrigley
  • Biking and running along the waterfront
  • Driehaus Museum
  • St. James Chapel (beautiful stained glass!)
  • Andy’s Jazz Bar
  • Gangster walking tour
  • Pizzaaaaaaaa
City lights
Chicago skyline
John Hancock Center
Gorgeous stained glass at St. James Chapel
More stained glass at the Driehaus Museum
French poster exhibit at Driehaus Museum
Dillinger’s demise

And that was our road trip in a nutshell 🙂 Now it’s time to hibernate for winter, see you in June.


Checking the Marathon Off the Bucket List

Seeing as I’m writing this post, you can probably guess that I survived Sunday’s marathon…yay! Am I rushing to sign up for the next one? Welllllll….I’ll keep you posted. The Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon was a great choice for my first full marathon (and Eric’s and my mom’s first 5K race!) and it was an awesome experience.

This race was really well organized, had a great expo, great volunteers, and there were tons of spectators and entertainment along the course so you almost forgot about how far you still had to run (almost). Plus, I got to run with (i.e. saw them as they looped back on the course like 20km ahead) Olympians and other speedy athletes.

Inspirational Ed Whitlock wall at the expo

The marathon overall winner (Philemon Rono from Kenya) broke the course record and ran the fastest marathon on Canadian soil with a crazy-fast time of 2:06:51. Look at his split times and pace!! His pace was less than 3:00/km for the first half and overall was 3:01/km!! Just….how??!??

Anyway, my time was not quite that fast (I mean, it was close….LOL JK) but I did manage to finish and not keel over at any point during the race so in a sense, I also “won”. Here are some of my thoughts and feelings on the whole experience:

My Race Plan

I had a goal time in mind and, in retrospect, it was pretty ambitious for my first marathon. A full marathon really is a whole different beast from a half and I probably underestimated it a teeny bit…. lesson learned. I still think it was important to have a goal, but by 30K I knew I wasn’t going to hit it. I ran the first half around my target pace, ran slightly faster until 30K (those 5K splits were looking prettyyyyy nice) and was feeling pretty good and optimistic at this point.  “I’ll stay at this pace until 35ish km then I’ll kick it up a bit” – my body’s response to that was “Um, that’s a nice thought but nope!” Somewhere between 30-35K, my legs refused to listen to my brain telling them to move faster; they felt heavy and my hips and hammies were feeling the pain. So my plan had to switch from time to self-preservation haha. Plus I knew I had to at least make it to 41K to see my cheering squad!

My Cheering Squad

I knew that Eric, my mom, Brian, Meg, Cody, and Kenzie would be waiting at around the 41K spot, which definitely helped me push through the pain. Luckily, Eric is easy to spot in a crowd and he was the first one I saw closely followed by the rest of the squad. My form was not exactly great by this point in the race (i.e. more of a shuffle/hobble) but I was still technically running! I got my audible cursing out of the way in the few km leading up to this point so I had plenty of smiles ready for my fans and the cameras! Seeing them cheering for me gave me the extra little boost for the final (but omg loooongest) km.

Part of the cheering squad ❤ 

The Atmosphere

The entertainment and spectators throughout the course provided great motivation and distraction; normally, I like to run with music but wanted to soak everything in and I’m glad I opted out of the headphones. Plus, your name is on your bib so strangers can personalize their cheers for you! One person did call me gill (like what a fish has), but other than that, everyone nailed the pronunciation. There were neighbourhood cheer sections, live music, stilt-walkers, steel drums (Kenzie was very intrigued by these), confetti, etc. Plus, some runners themselves added entertainment – like the guy who ran dressed as Gord (and played Hip songs the whole time! I think Little Bones was playing when I ran by), a couple of people in hockey equipment, a clown, a lumberjack, and the “joggler” to name a few.

The Finish Line

The sweet, sweet finish line. While it felt great to be done running, I didn’t count on struggling so much with walking. Or with opening my water bottle. Both were equally as challenging (seriously, was I just super weak or my hands too sweaty or what? I just wanted water!) And the walk from the finish line to the post-race party site felt like another marathon! I wasn’t sure I was going to make it to our designated meeting spot, but eventually hobbled my way over to my family, grabbing a food bag and a few Voltaren samples on the way. I’ve never felt so conflicted on whether I needed to a) keep moving forever or nap, and b) eat everything or throw up. I managed to do some stretches, rest a bit, eat a banana and mini cookies, drink some gatorade and water (after getting assistance with the opening part) and then we headed back to the hotel.


In a word: rough. Like a really bad hangover. One after a night of dancing waaaay too hard so it also hurts to move. I’m normally starving after a long run and was looking forward to eating all the food. During the race, I was thinking about all the things I would eat and drink: hmmm,  I could go for breakfast food…waffles or pancakes perhaps? Or something more savoury like pizza or fries?  And of course I’ll want an extra big dessert…pie? Oooh, cheesecake. A BEER??? I haven’t really been drinking all summer so sign me up for an extra large glass please. Well, my stomach had other thoughts more along the lines of….better luck tomorrow. I tried, I really did. I even went for that large beer…and about 3 hours later it (and everything else) well….I won’t go into detail. Eric went out to grab something for dinner and when he got back and I told him that I didn’t think I would be eating anymore today, his response was “so I guess you don’t want this tuna sandwich?” Death glare. “… or sushi?” Hahahaha. I’m feeling better today (two days post-marathon), but still pretty tired and a bit hobble-y. We’re heading off to curling soon, which could pose another challenge. While it might not demand the most athletic ability, we’ll have to see how a) walking, b) walking on ice, and c) sliding on said ice and d) getting back up again goes. Wish me luck!

Hey, I made it!

So…were the months of training worth it? Definitely. It does feel pretty good to say that I ran a marathon. And the timing roughly coincides with my one-year anniversary of reaching Santiago after walking 700 km across Spain, which begs the question…what should next October’s endurance challenge be??? I am open to suggestions 🙂



Fantastic Fall Getaway in Temiskaming Shores

It’s been such a beautiful fall so far! As much as I enjoyed being in Spain during October last year, I definitely felt like I missed out on my favourite time of year back home. But luckily this year seems to be making up for that – the colours are awesomely vibrant and the weather has been *suspiciously* nice.

The bright yellow birches are my favourite ❤ 
Fall at the French River

Eric and I recently headed to Temiskaming Shores for a fall/anniversary/Thanksgiving/ work getaway 🙂 The working part wasn’t in the initial plan, but we (oh btw, I work with Eric now) picked up some appraisals in North Bay, New Liskeard, and Timmins along the way. It ended up being quite the whirlwind tour of Northeastern Ontario.

Temiskaming Shores (created in 2004 by the amalgamation of New Liskeard, Haileybury, and Dymond) was never really on my travel radar until I did a bit of research on the area for a Northeastern Ontario Tourism guest blog post. And I’m glad I looked into it because it’s really pretty up there! And it’s crazy how much the topography changes so quickly as you enter the “little clay belt”. Rocks turn into farmland and it suddenly looks like we’re back in my neck of the woods in Southern Ontario. If you get a chance, I recommend checking out it out… here are some ideas for things to do when you do go 😉

Ms. Claybelt


We stayed at Les Suites des Presidents and this unique accommodation was perfect for our getaway! The Suites are located in beautiful historical homes along Lake Temiskaming in Haileybury, in an area known as “Millionaire’s Row”. I spoke with one of the owners, Nicole Guertin, for the blog article and I could tell that she was very enthusiastic and passionate about the Suites and the area in general. Nicole is super friendly, accommodating, an advocate for local businesses and aims to bring something unique to Haileybury tourism.

Villa @ Les Suites des Presidents
Lovely yard
Make sure to stop by the new Meteor Cafe and Bistro for a coffee and/or pastry

We stayed in the Guertin Suite, which is on the third floor of the Villa. Included in the cost of our stay were: breakfast (kitchen was stocked with coffee, tea, eggs, yogurt, pancake mix, cereal, jams, etc.), use of recreation equipment like bikes and kayaks, board games and books, and a hot tub. OH and we received a freshly baked good at our door every morning = the BEST. I wish that happened every day. Here are some pics:

Love that window
Sweet suite
Baskets of goodies
Delicious bread baked that morning by Nicole’s husband Jocelyn


We took advantage of our kitchen so didn’t eat at too many restaurants. We went to Ali’s and Rooster’s in New Liskeard and La Gauferie in Ville-Marie. Ali’s was recommended by a client and offered a mix of things. They had a seasonal menu (Eric got the lambshank stew), pretty good food and very friendly service. Rooster’s had delicious cheesecake (but can there be bad cheesecake?? Also, where does cheesecake stand in the pie vs. cake debate??? Is it really a cake… it has a crust. Discuss). La Gauferie was OK, but I wouldn’t rush back there… maybe I should have gotten the waffles.

Things to Do

Devil’s Rock Hike

This is one of the more popular hikes in the area and the scenery is pretty spectacular. The “Devil’s Rock” reminded us of the view from the Cup and Saucer trail on Manitoulin Island. There were two options for trails – A (shorter) and B (longer). We took the longer trail which was accessed from Bucke Park Campground. It was approximately a 6 km roundtrip and moderately difficult with rocky terrain – you should wear hiking boots if you choose this route. Definitely recommend.


Temagami Fire Tower

The Temagami tower is one of the only fire towers in Ontario that you are allowed to climb and you are rewarded with a pretty great view when you reach the top. The tower is located in the White Bear Forest which has tons of other trails that looked pretty awesome, but we unfortunately didn’t have time to hike them 😦 There was only a short trail to get to the base of the tower and then a climb up a spiral staircase to get to the top. If you’re not a fan of heights, there were also a few lookout platforms from the trail below.


Drive to Quebec

We popped on over to Quebec on the rainy Saturday for lunch and chocolate. There is a national historic site (Fort Temiskaming, an important fur-trading post) in Ville-Marie, but it closes in September so we couldn’t visit this time. Ville-Marie was pretty cute and it DID have a chocolate shop (Les Chocolats Martine) so it was worth the trip 😉

From the Quebec side of the lake
Mmmmmmmm (truffles are coconut, passionfruit and cappuccino for inquiring minds)

Sunrise Over the Lake

I hurried down to the dock with my camera when I spotted the sun coming up through that fantastic window in our suite. It. Was. Awesome.


Thornloe Cheese

So many curds. And we got 1kg of honey for $10 (yes, I realize that isn’t cheese but it was a good deal and is delicious). They also had little “snack size” curd packets so got a couple of those for the road, a bigger bag of cheddar curds, and the “Devil’s Rock” blue cheese. This is a must-stop place in my cheese-loving opinion.

Cheese heaven
Yes that bag is open

Other Stops

Cobalt Silver Trail

Cobalt is one of only three mining camps in Canada to be designated a National Historic Site and you can learn all about it by walking or driving along the Heritage Silver Trail, which includes a mining museum, heritage park and other mining sites.

Townsite Mine building




Temagami Train Station

Adorable. Near the turn-off for the fire tower.



This paved multi-use trail between Haileybury and New Liskeard is along a fairly busy road, but you get to enjoy the lake views along the way. And there are reflective sticks at regular intervals separating the trail from the road so it felt pretty safe to run along here. There’s an annual “Haunted Hustle” run along here that includes a marathon… hmmm, maybe next year?

Tri-Town Bowling

Yes we went bowling. And it was fun.


We popped into one of the many roadside antique shops to snoop around a bit. If you’re in the market for a giant Texaco sign, we know just the place.

World’s Shortest Covered Bridge

#Goals. You can see this little gem in Latchford.


That pretty much sums it up! We ended the weekend back at camp for Thanksgiving dinner (I told you it was a whirlwind) and I snapped a few more fall pics. I’ll leave you with this one:

Ahhh so nice

Thanks for reading, enjoy the fall foliage!