Week #23: A Little Pre-Amble + Ottawa

After a refreshing month and a half-ish long social media hiatus, I’ve returned to the dark side. I highly recommend (temporarily…unless you’re really committed to the cause) deactivating your account(s) every once and awhile if you, like me, tend to waste too much time on them. I love getting ideas for stuff like workouts and recipes but there’s a fine line between inspiration and comparing yourself to other people’s (sometimes highly curated) lives.

I’m also going to ease up my self-imposed requirements of doing something “new” each week. I’ll still try to post weekly, but it might be a bit of a different format (exciting).

That’s my little spiel, now onto a belated Week #23:

Eric and I headed to Ottawa this week for the AIC conference. The drive from Sudbury is a pain in the butt (too many trucks + not enough lanes + traffic lights on a highway whyyy) but it was worth it since Ottawa is a great city. I spent one summer living there in university and it was super fun…might have also had to do with the fact that I was 19.

I prefer my Muskoka chairs un-chained but still a nice view

As part of the conference, there was a cocktail reception at the Canadian War Museum, which is one of the coolest venues ever. Our wedding venue (Science North) gives it a run for its money though…just substitute that fighter jet for a bush plane and stick it in a cavern.

Let’s get one of these for the basement

I spent some time cruising on and running beside the Rideau Canal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Fun fact: the name comes from the French for curtains because of the appearance of the waterfalls where the canal joins the Ottawa River. The lock system is pretty neat too; we watched a small boat come through it and it appeared to be an arduous process.

Rideau Canal – still need to get here in the winter to go for a skate!

And the Chateau Laurier is gorgeous but definitely haunted. Avoid the Charles Melville Hays Memorial Suite if you do stay here. I guess old Charles is still upset that he didn’t get to see the grand opening of the hotel. He probably regrets taking the Titanic back from Europe. Oops.

Chateau Laurier

I really like the Byward Market and didn’t spend much time here when I lived in Ottawa. It does get really busy, especially on summer weekends, but has some great food and patios. Some of my favourite foods here were (in no particular order): the peanut butter gelato from Mantovani, all of the chocolate (especially the chili dark chocolate) at Stubbe Chocolates, Beaver Tails (obviously), mango bubble tea from Wang’s Noodle House, and naan at Shafali. I had samples at some of these places on a C’est Bon food tour and then took Eric back to my faves the next day. The best ways to see a city are definitely to eat and run (or walk) your way through it.

Returned to Mantovani since a sample size wasn’t enough – peanut butter and coconut gelato yumminess
Couldn’t resist the lure of the OG Beaver Tail

I loooooove breakfast (everyone eats two breakfasts right??) and found a good spot close to our hotel. Before leaving on Sunday, we headed to Scone Witch and it was delicious. We both went for the brunch option: a scone (as you may have guessed) with jam, scrambled eggs (I got mushroom ragout on top), and a bunch of fruit. We should have gotten some scones and a jar of jam for the road – next time.

Sorry no scone pic…devoured immediately

That’s Ottawa in a nutshell, thanks for reading 🙂


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