Week #20: Vancouver Cont’d

A few more Vancouver things…

Lynn Canyon

It was a bit of a trek to get from downtown to North Vancouver, where Lynn Canyon is located. I opted to take the sea bus  from Waterfront station to Lonsdale Quay on the North Shore. It was easy to find the correct bus that would take me to Lynn Canyon once I got to the Lonsdale terminal, but it was a pretty long ride and then I opted to walk about 15-20 minutes instead of waiting for a transfer to another bus.

Lynn Canyon has a bunch of nice trails and a suspension bridge, which is smaller than the more popular Capilano bridge but a) free and b) less crowded. I did some hiking/running here and then headed over to Deep Cove.

Suspension bridge
Frolicking through the forest

Deep Cove

This is where I hopped in a random line for, what turned out to be, delicious Honey Doughnuts. Worth it. Deep Cove is a cute harbour town; it’s mostly residential but has a street or two with little shops, galleries, and restaurants. You can rent kayaks, canoes, etc. and paddle around, enjoying the mountain views. It was a chilly grey day and tourist off-season, but I can see how this area would be popular in the summer.

Deep Cove

Granville Island

I spent the better part of the day at Granville Island; there’s lots of shops, galleries, restaurants, Granville Island Brewery and a large public market. If you read my What I Ate in Victoria and Vancouver post, you’ll know about some of the tasty food and drinks I had here – there are lots of options!


Nice views – Burrard St. Bridge + Downtown


I loved walking around downtown. It was really easy to get around (grid layout + maps everywhere), making it pretty much impossible for even me to get lost. There were lots of neat buildings and shops and it was fun to people watch. If you’re walking around the waterfront, it’s hard to miss Canada Place, which served as the Canada Pavilion during Expo ’86 and was designed to look like ship’s sails. I heard the “Fly Over Canada” ride here was really cool but didn’t get around to trying it out. This is also where the cruise ships dock = prime people watching location (but also very busy). There are restaurants and interesting plaques along the boardwalk…good place to go for a stroll.

Other areas I liked were Robson Street (lots of shops and restaurants – I had really good sushi at Sushi Itoga on Robson) and Yaletown.

I liked this church + threatening sky combo
Canada Place reflections
Twinkly lights

That about sums up my West Coast trip! Thanks for reading and I highly recommend checking out this part of Canada 🙂


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