Week #18: West Coast Adventure Begins

I was in B.C. over weeks #18,19 and 20 so that’s enough adventure for three posts – welcome to the first installment 🙂 You might have already read about the fabulous food, but (believe it or not) I did more than just eat while I was out there. I flew into Vancouver (West Jet flies out of Sudbury now and I couldn’t resist an amazing deal) then hopped on the ferry over to Victoria. It was a beautiful clear day when I flew in and the views from the plane and the ferry were stunning!

Flying over the Rockies
Ferry 2.JPG
Ferry views

It is quite a trek to get from Vancouver to Victoria – and I was warned about this. From the airport, I had to catch the SkyTrain then transfer to a bus (#620 for anyone planning this journey) and finally get on the ferry. A woman gave me her transit pass as I was leaving the airport so that part was free! I arrived at the Tsawwassen terminal with plenty of time but still almost missed the boat because I was dawdling around the market and casually drinking coffee. Everyone else was doing the same thing! But, unlike me, they were waiting to get into their cars. Note: if you are a foot passenger, you do not walk on with the cars haha – and the gate is pretty far from the market/vehicle area so some hustle was necessary. I made it just in time and was only slightly out of breath.

Hello Victoria 🙂
Gardens outside the Empress Hotel
View from Mt. Tolmie

As soon as I arrived in Victoria, I couldn’t get over how beautiful it was! I’m jealous that people get to live here. All the colours were so vibrant and the scenery is amazing – does anyone get tired of ocean and mountain views? “Ew mountains” – nobody ever. I regrettably didn’t have a ton of time here, but fit in a lot of stuff: a Camino wedding, watched my friends sell their house (and learned about how insane the housing market is here),  ate delicious food and did some sightseeing. Here’s a recap of Victoria!

Royal British Columbia Museum

This museum was awesome and a great way to start my trip. It gave a good introduction to B.C.with exhibits on natural and modern history, a First People’s gallery, and a Terry Fox exhibit (where I spent most of my time). I was kind of surprised with how many people had no idea who Terry was (“who is this guy?””I dunno, he ran?”) but then again they were non-Canadians (I assume/hope) so I’ll cut them some slack.

Royal B.C. Museum
IMG_5892 (2)
Had to take a pic, he looked so majestic
IMG_5893 (2)
Totem poles
Terry’s tees
IMG_5891 (2).JPG
This excerpt from Terry’s journal made me laugh: French River “Middle of Nowhere”

Parliament Building

This is a beautiful building and it’s free to wander around inside (always a bonus).

I love ceilings
Stained glass to celebrate the Queen’s Golden Jubilee


I spent a lot of time walking around down by the harbour, watching seaplanes take off and enjoying the scenery. Many of the tourist attractions were in this area – boat and plane tours run out of here, the Empress Hotel (I’m coming back for you Miniature World), museum and Parliament building are clustered here. Red Fish Blue Fish (yum) and my favourite pink building were also along the water.

DSC01125 (2).JPG
Another thing I love: mosaics. Top points would go to mosaic ceilings, but I’ll settle for this guy.
Sea planes
Harbour with Empress Hotel
Vic33 (2)
More blossoms
pink house.JPG
Favourite building

Butchart Gardens

Spring was a great time to see all the pretty flowers. These gardens were so beautiful, you have to go here if you visit Victoria – I promise you won’t be disappointed! I won’t bore you with words, here are some pictures:


More sights around Victoria:

It would be OK to wake up to this view every day….I mean, if I had to
More flowers
Some nice shrubbery by the ocean
Ocean view from Beacon Hill Park
I thought the barbed wire was a nice touch for this pic of McTavish Market

In summary, Victora = awesome and everyone should go. I’ll be back and would love to explore more of the island! Stay tuned for my hot takes on Vancouver – again, I did (a bit) more than just eat my way through the city.






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