Week #17: Awesome Blossoms

Oh I’m starting to get witty with these titles.

Eric and I were lucky enough to have a trip to Toronto planned right when the fickle cherry blossoms were in bloom! I say lucky because it’s tough/near impossible to plan ahead since the timing varies from year to year. There are several “cherry blossom watch” sites that you can monitor, but once these babies start blooming they only last 1-1.5 weeks. And the season becomes even shorter if it’s particularly rainy and/or windy. When I lived in Toronto I visited both of the hot spots that we hit up on this trip, but never during blossom season.

High Park

High Park is the most popular and busiest place to see the blossoms – thousands flock here every year. The first 2,000 Sakura trees were gifted to Toronto in 1959 by Japan’s ambassador to Canada to recognize Toronto’s acceptance of Japanese people after WWII. Luckily, we were able to go on a weekday morning so the park wasn’t nearly as packed as it is rumoured to be on weekends. We took the streetcar so didn’t have to worry about parking, but the lot looked pretty full. We got off the streetcar at Roncesvalles  and High Park Blvd. – a cute little area by the way. The stroll down High Park Blvd. leading to the east gate of High Park was lovely.

Keep off the bloomin’ trees!
An almost naked tree…gotta catch them before they’re gone!

We spent some time walking around and taking pictures (like everyone else). Most of the cherry trees were found near Hillside Gardens by Grenadier Pond. Some tips if you plan on visiting:

  • Avoid driving right into the park, either take the TTC or  park somewhere else and walk
  • Go early and on a weekday if possible
  • Know where the trees are (seems obvious, but um we went the wrong way at first)
  • If you plan on eating while you’re there, pack your own food (not sure how the restaurant food is, but I can confirm there was a loooong line)

Enjoy some more High Park blossoms:

DSC00970 (3)
Bloomin’ beautiful!
DSC00979 (2)
Sakura friends
DSC00968 (2)
Ready for its close-up

Trinity Bellwoods

While Eric was being a productive member of society at his meeting, I made the trek to Trinity Bellwoods Park. It was a beautiful day so I wasn’t surprised to see that it was busy…lots of picnicking/drinking as usual during the warmer months. I got a delicious (but obviously overpriced) coconut ice cream from White Squirrel on Queen St. before checking out what Trinity Bellwoods had to offer. Conclusion: also very nice blossoms. The trees were found along the path in the southeast corner of the park near the tennis courts. You can get a nice view of the CN Tower through the trees, which was pretty cool.

Check out these Trinity Bellwoods blossoms:

DSC00998 (3).JPG
I spy the CN Tower
DSC00996 (2)
Pretty petals
DSC01010 (2)
I swear I’m not spying on those people
DSC01005 (2)

I definitely was not disappointed with my first Toronto cherry blossom viewings! Some other spots in Toronto to spot the blossoms include Toronto Island, Robarts Library at U of T, Centennial Park and Broadacres Park. And rumour has it that Woodbine Beach Park is going to be getting a cherry blossom tunnel next year 🙂


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