Week #16: Fun With Frisbees

Or should I say “flying discs”… didn’t have the same ring to it though. Eric and I took our best shots at Sudbury Lion’s Club Disc Golf course on a GLORIOUSLY SUNNY (dear nice weather, please stay awhile) Saturday. Just BYOFrisbee and you can use the course for free! If you read my Week #13 post, you might remember we spotted this course from the Selkirk Trail and I hinted at a future visit.


This 18-hole (bucket?) course opened in 2005 and looks like it has recently been renovated. It was well maintained, easy to follow and, like real golf, had multiple tee options. Despite being built on an old dump site (we saw you poking out, old tires), a good chunk of the course was in a forest and the scenery was pretty nice. We aren’t, nor claim to be, disc golf/frolf experts but Eric did get these discs from Amazon the other week. The serious frolfers carry bags with differently-weighted discs for “driving”, “chipping” and “putting” – or something like that. If you’re curious about this odd sport, and/or want to find an Ontario course, check out this website. There’s also a Professional Disc Golf Association! PGDA…not to be confused with the PGA.

Being the mere amateurs that we are, we only had one disc each. Tsk tsk such rookies. This seemed to work out fine for us though. And they held up OK to the various objects and puddles we threw them into (see below). Apparently you can get discs in Sudbury at The Practice Tee driving range.

My drowning disc on the first hole 😦 
Another water hazard…oops

Rumour has it that this course gets really busy in the summer, but there was only one group in front of us when we were there. A few more groups showed up as we were finishing… I had no idea it was so popular! It went pretty quickly with only two of us and probably also because we just let ‘er fly without much thought. Other people looked like they were, well, trying harder and knew what they were doing.  But the premise is easy enough – throw your disc toward the bucket and then get it into the bucket.

Good form?
Play it as it lies Eric

This turned out to be a super fun (and free!) way to spend an hour or two. On the last hole, someone asked us if we were joining the league. Hmm…. we’ll probably just keep it casual for now, but how fun would it be to get competitive about this??  And to be clear, I would go all out in this league. 10/10 will be back!

A little boardwalk action on the 16th hole
Probably a hole-in-one…just kidding, that never happened
Stairway to….the 6th hole



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