Week #15: Rotary Park Trail

This Rainbow Route trail was a pleasant surprise on a nice sunny day last week! This little adventure was also a two-for-one deal since I got in a nice run while checking off another trail. It worked out well because I had an easy 10ish km to do so I wasn’t too worried about my pace and could enjoy the scenery and take pictures.

The trails I took were part of the Junction Creek Waterway Park (JCWP). The JCWP is a project through Connect the Creek, which was initiated in 1991 as a 20-year Community Improvement Plan with a vision to “complete a linear park where residents of Sudbury and visitors to the city can connect back to nature in the heart of our urban environment”. The project is over 80% complete and will eventually link 18 km of trail from Maley Dr. to Kelly Lake. The five JCWP trails are:

Beginning of Downtown – Flour Mill section….hi there water tower

After dashing across Paris St. I quickly found the trailhead to the Downtown – Flour Mill section of the JCWP. I took this path until I had to pop out from under a bridge (like a troll) onto Leslie St. so I could get to the Rotary Park trail. I wouldn’t say this section was in the most desirable area of town, but it was fine and led to a nicer trail.

Rotary Park trailhead

It was easy to find the Rotary Park trailhead and this was a beautiful area! I can’t believe I’ve never been here. The trail took me through the New Sudbury Conservation Area and past the Adanac Ski Hill. Despite living in Sudbury for a few years now, I had never seen Adanac. Spoiler alert: it’s tiny, hold off on booking that Sudbury ski vacation.

Adanac ski bump…I guess it’s not too surprising that I’ve never spotted it

I also didn’t realize that the Northern Ontario Film Studio was hidden back there! The things you learn.

Northern Ontario Film Studio

I really liked a few things about this trail. First, it’s so close to downtown but doesn’t feel like you’re in the city at some points!  You also have options to tackle a big hill that takes you to a lookout (I opted out – maybe next time) or take a flatter route (winner).

Still in the city?
Some signs of civilization up ahead
Rotary Club

The trail surface was also really nice; it was mostly hardpack with some paved sections and a boardwalk in one spot. There was still a wee bit of snow in some parts (go away already, you’re not wanted here).

Scram snow
Boardwalk – didn’t stop running to snap this one, can you tell?

That about sums it up! I’ll definitely be back to this trail and look forward to the completion of the JCWP. I’ve covered most of it now and want to do the whole thing as one of my long runs…fun!



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