Week #13: Selkirk Trail

Well, that burst of spring weather was nice while it lasted! Every year, I hold out (just a tiny bit of) hope that winter will ease seamlessly into spring. And every year, without fail, those hopes are cruelly dashed by Mother Nature. Hmmph. Such is life in Sudbury/Canada I guess. Anyway, onto last week’s little adventure – we stuck close to home and checked out another Rainbow Routes trail: Selkirk Trail. We’re well on our way to checking all of the Rainbow Routes trails off our list!

ST 2

The Selkirk Trail is an easy 1.6 km loop with two trailheads – one at the Terry Fox Sports Complex and the other off of Selkirk St. I’ve played softball at Terry Fox quite a few times, but never paid attention to the fact that there was a trail there. The ball diamonds weren’t quite ready for us yet…soon enough though!

ST 12
Go away snow

This walk was pretty uneventful, just a nice stroll on a sunny day. I will mention one thing though: ’tis that time of year where you realize just how many people believe they are exempt from picking up dog poop during the winter. Maybe they think it magically dissolves into the snow? That is wildly false. Everyone knows that all the poops come out once the snow starts to melt. So yes, while spring is a time of renewal and blooming and all of that, let’s not forget that it’s also a time of oh so many poops. End rant.

ST 5
The sun – melting snow and revealing poops

This trail took us along a river (and nearby Lasalle extension), through a little park, and up onto the road before we returned to the Terry Fox complex. We also passed the disc golf course – maybe something to add to the list for the summer?? I have played before – London had a nice course – but haven’t tried Sudbury’s course yet.

ST 8
“Bottle on Ice”
ST 9
Disc golf – the bucket reminds me of McDonald’s Hamburglar jail. Anyone else remember that creepy thing??
Image result for mcdonald's play place hamburglar jail
Just a reminder…

Week #13 summary: ball diamonds + dog poops = reminder that spring has (almost) sprung. Plus a reminder that McDonald’s was (still is?) creepy.


2 thoughts on “Week #13: Selkirk Trail

  1. nancy johnson April 6, 2017 / 10:37 pm

    nice..like “Drone Malone” but up close and personal…and I mean that as a compliment! (born, raised and died here and had no idea about this trail..thanx!)


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