Week #10: An Attempt at Barrie Waterfront Trail

This week was a bit of a failure 😦 I had it all planned out – I was going down to Niagara Falls so I would give myself lots of time, stop in Barrie, fit in a new trail AND a run and be on my merry way. Well it seems that the weather (specifically the wind) had other plans. I was looking forward to checking out Barrie Waterfront Trail because, out of all the times we’ve driven through Barrie, we’ve never explored the actual city. We’ve seen the OnRoute and the box stores (how exotic), but that doesn’t really count.

I knew it could be cold and windy that day, but still wore my winter running gear for the drive – high hopes. As I got closer to Barrie, the landscape began to resemble that  of a “vengeful Old Man Winter blowing snow” cartoon:


You know when you keep checking to make sure the doors and windows of your car are actually closed because the wind is so loud? Yeah. I began to doubt that I was actually going to get out of the car, let alone go for a run….along a lake. The idea was getting more and more far-fetched. Laughable, actually.

I still rolled into Barrie since I had to make a stop anyway. I’m sure the waterfront is normally very nice, but there was a) what appeared to be construction going on and b) shockingly, still a very strong wind. I guess me wanting it to be warmer and less windy wasn’t enough to make it happen.

I pulled into a parking lot by part of the trail, took a look at the lake (lovely), and laughed at the thought of leaving the vehicle. Nope. Not happening.

Not leaving the car.

I drove around a little bit more, heading toward Kempenfelt Park which was a little bit more north of Kempenfelt Bay from where I snapped that beautiful picture seen above. I think I was near Centennial Park there? Hmm, maybe for some miraculous reason the weather conditions will be different on this slightly different part of the trail?? Nope. But here’s a picture of a swing-set:

Nope, still not leaving the car.

Then I went shopping and had a nice little weekend with friends and family. The end. Hopefully this week is a bit nicer!

This was my punishment for leaving the car.



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