Week #9: Kivi Park

Back to winter. Eric, Bear and I checked out Sudbury’s newest and largest park this week! I had heard from a few people that Kivi Park was pretty great and because it’s so close to us we decided to save it for a busier week. Located on the site of former Long Lake Public School and funded in large part by Lily Fielding, Kivi Park opened to visitors this past summer. It offers more than 300 acres, three lakes, an extensive trail network and recreational space to enjoy. In the winter you can use the trails for hiking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing or biking.

Snow blanket

We headed out on a chilly weekday morning so we had the trails to ourselves for the most part. As we pulled into the parking lot, we could see that people were busy at work grooming the trails and preparing for the weekend’s winter carnival. We had four hiking/snowshoeing trails to choose from – 1, 3, 5, or 7 km trails. We got a ton of snow dumped on us the previous night so if we were smart we would have brought our snowshoes – we did not. The trails were in pretty good condition though and had clearly already been groomed that morning. Ah well, trekking through deep-ish snow just provided an extra good workout.

I couldn’t help but admire how perfect the cross-country ski trails looked – the tracks looked so crisp! Kivi Park does a great job of grooming these trails.

So perfect!

We intended on only doing the 3 km loop, but ended up needing to double back on the trail since the grooming machine hadn’t completed the trail yet. I guess we were a bit too eager to get going! So we ended up doing about 5 km I think.

Going for a stroll
Sun + Snow + Bear
Had to stop by the wishing tree
Wishing…likely for warmer weather haha
Bear, on the other hand, loves the snow

We will definitely be returning to explore more of Kivi Park – make sure to check it out. I also can’t believe it’s March already! Eric and I are really enjoying this little project so far, if you have any ideas for us let me know 🙂


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