Week #6: Oak Forest Trail

This week’s little adventure took us to Rainbow Route’s Oak Forest Trail on a sunny, but very windy, Sunday. This trail is located on Minnow Lake and there is an option from the trailhead to take the hilly Oak Forest route or to continue on a well-maintained path to downtown. It’s important to note that the hilly option is definitely not maintained in the winter and the combination of rocks + ice + deep snow + extreme wind was quite hilarious/treacherous to navigate. It was also an especially good choice following a long run that morning (sarcasm).

This is a moderately difficult trail, made more difficult by the aforementioned factors. The path takes you up to some nice lookout points of Ramsey Lake and Minnow Lake. The Trail Tour Guide informed me that Minnow Lake is almost the geographical center of Sudbury, was heavily damaged from a sawmill that was built on the lake after the railway was built in 1883, and is now recovering thanks to the work of the Minnow Lake Restoration Group. I also learned that invasive gypsy moths are endangering oak forests in the area – as caterpillars, these guys eat a ton of leaves causing defoliation which eventually kills the trees. Apparently they eat around 4 million acres of North American forests every year. You’re very welcome for that fun fact! So get out there and hug a tree.

We initially contemplated doubling back on the trail so that we wouldn’t be finishing off our hike by walking on the road, but after our struggles (Eric insists he didn’t fall…I at least owned up to my tumble) we decided to take the road after all. Another factor was that we would be facing the wind on the return journey and just honestly didn’t feel like that would be fun. If you’re looking for a short but fairly challenging trail with some nice views, check out the Oak Forest Trail and/or the nearby 1km Blueberry Hill Trail 🙂

Next week: Warm weather and sunshine!! Yaaaaay

Hint: It’s not Sudbury

Beginning of the trail
How Sudbury is this picture? Hehe
Nice view from the top
Minnow Lake through the trees

2 thoughts on “Week #6: Oak Forest Trail

  1. Vicky February 8, 2017 / 11:46 pm

    Have a great trip, Jill! If u get a chance the botanical garden in phoenix is worth a visit…who knew there are THAT many kinds of cactuses 🌵😎


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